Fun With Light: Lite Brite

Lite-Brite, making things with liiiight, What a sight, making things with Lite-Brite!”

That was the inspiring song running through children’s minds around America as they huddled in the dark of their rooms, basking in the 25-watt glow of their newest Lite-Brite creation.  Making pictures with light is just cool.

Hasbro unveiled this genius art toy in 1967. The design was simple – a grid of holes covering the front of what looked like a small television housing – but the results were magical!  Using pegs of eight different colors—green, blue, red, yellow, orange, pink, purple and clear—children either created their own pictures or followed the color-by-letter patterns provided. When the work was done lights went out, Lite-Brite went on, and a new glowing masterpiece came to life.








Lite-Brite evolved over the years.  What began as a basic light box turned into a flat-screen version, a 3D cube, and even an FX edition that spins and plays music. Along with that change in form also followed a change in creative possibilities as people began to think about Lite-Brite’s real potential …

Mark Beekman's "Last Supper"

Lori Kanary

Tory Burch holiday Lite-Brite display

Lite-Brite is still available from Hasbro, but if you are looking for a bite of immediate gratification, or you are just totally and completely inspired by the creations above, you can try out your light drawing abilities for free RIGHT NOW just by clicking here (sure, it’s a bit low-tech but totally fun).  Or if you are up for a true Lite Brite experience that you can take anywhere with you, you can download the Lite-Brite app!  I know, it’s amazing.






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