Rudi Gernreich

This seemed like a fitting extension of yesterday’s celebration of Op Art king Victor Vasarely.  While he was the ruler of the canvas, Rudi Gernreich was the total look, super mod fashion god!  Just amazing.  Why don’t things look this good today?!









Pierre Cardin’s Anthenea


This is the Anthenea, Pierre Cardin’s other super cool vacation spot in Saint Tropez.  Cardin was a man of action, and when he saw something he liked, he went for it full force – from clothes, to accessories, interiors, and more.  So, when James Bond escaped with his lover into a super sexy sea capsule in the final scene of The Spy Who Loved Me, Cardin obviously thought, “well I could do that too!”

Built by French architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle, the Anthenea measures in at just 4.6m in diameter.  The super home is made of fiberglass, and features a glass bottom that is all too perfect for admiring the underwater view.  ‘It’s very relaxing,’ says Ducancelle. ‘You feel like you’re actually floating in the water. It’s also more stable than a boat: it can resist a cyclone.’

Feeling jealous?!  The good new is you don’t have to!  According to Ducancelle’s website, aqua studios start at £36,500, and they can be assembled in just two days!  Are you inspired?