Slim Goodbody a.k.a. the Superhero of Health

33f5bf36f14e78a2610b4d0b5655b03fMeet Slim Goodbody, the “Superhero of Health.”  Created by John Burstein in 1975, the kind of not so exciting character had the impressive power of education.  His goal – to educate kids about anatomy and their bodies through the power of song and skits, all while wearing that super cool, skin tight organ suit.  Exhilarating, right?!  For sure (wink).


Slim went on to appear in guest spots on shows such as Good Morning America and The Today Show, and in 1980 Slim even got his own T.V. show on PBS called Inside Story. Shockingly enough, the show became the channel’s second-highest rated program which led to even more appearances for the Superhero of Health.


Burstein’s secret identity has obviously don’t wonders for the man himself as he is still at it today today, performing around the U.S. and Canada on his National Bodyology Tour.  Yes, the flesh-colored-organ suit is still around, and Mr. Goodbody is as dedicated as ever to educating kids about health, fitness, and human anatomy.  Creepy, yes.  Effective, must be.




Peter Max + Paper Airplanes = Way Cool


Published in a small format paperback in 1971, the Peter Max Paper Airplane Book is beyond cool.  Each page features amazing graphics, and a foldable paper airplane so that kids could “get [their] message across with a paper airplane in cosmic colors!”  Yes please.








The Plush Life of Heidi Kenney

Why can’t toilet paper be cute?  Or a hot dog?  And though doughnuts and pancakes warm our tummies, why shouldn’t they also warm our hearts?  Heidi Kenney has solved that great conundrum, and filled that ginormous void in all of our lives.

She has a website (with a great crafting section), an Etsy shop, a book, and she sells her wares at Kidrobot.  I can just about guarantee that adding even the tiniest bit of her cuteness to your life will keep you smiling even in the most miserable of moments …