Man or Astroman?

Man or Astroman? is a surf rock group from the 90s.  True to their name, the group is wholly dedicated to marrying punk rock/new wave sounds to science fiction themes, audio samples, obscure electronic devices (such as theremins and tesla coils) in over-the-top live performances.



In its standard form, the band generally consists of Star Crunch (aka Brian Causey) on guitar and sometimes vocals, Birdstuff (aka Brian Teasley) on drums, and Coco the Electronic Monkey Wizard (Robert DelBueno) on bass guitar and electronics.  Over the years, however, the line-up has changed and the band actually sent both Alpha and Gamma Man or Astroman? Clone groups out on tour.

6224966066_84eccbeefb_z Man_or_Astro-man_2010 man Deluxe Men In Space


They are super cool, super talented, and super out there.  Check out their website, and go see them on your for an out of this world, super sonic experience!


Tea Time with Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass created a way to do everything in style – from using a calculator and typing a letter to sleeping and checking yourself out in a mirror – and tea time was no exception.XXX_8897_1285013058_1 XXX_8897_1287435045 635_520_520_90 ettore-sottsass-teapot 252416 16-3193-5_1

Slim Goodbody a.k.a. the Superhero of Health

33f5bf36f14e78a2610b4d0b5655b03fMeet Slim Goodbody, the “Superhero of Health.”  Created by John Burstein in 1975, the kind of not so exciting character had the impressive power of education.  His goal – to educate kids about anatomy and their bodies through the power of song and skits, all while wearing that super cool, skin tight organ suit.  Exhilarating, right?!  For sure (wink).


Slim went on to appear in guest spots on shows such as Good Morning America and The Today Show, and in 1980 Slim even got his own T.V. show on PBS called Inside Story. Shockingly enough, the show became the channel’s second-highest rated program which led to even more appearances for the Superhero of Health.


Burstein’s secret identity has obviously don’t wonders for the man himself as he is still at it today today, performing around the U.S. and Canada on his National Bodyology Tour.  Yes, the flesh-colored-organ suit is still around, and Mr. Goodbody is as dedicated as ever to educating kids about health, fitness, and human anatomy.  Creepy, yes.  Effective, must be.



Ken Price


Ken Price’s work is so beautiful on the outside I kind of want to explore the inside too, don’t you?!  Very excited to go check out the show at LACMA today.  For more than fifty years, Ken Price, born in 1935 in Los Angeles, California, created remarkable and innovative works that have redefined contemporary sculpture and ceramics.  His work is beyond beautiful.  Read more here and here.


The DeLorean


The first DeLorean DMC was made in 1981 by John DeLorean (that swank dude pictured above).  About 9000 rolled off the lot and into the hands, or driveways, of drivers during its two years of production. DeLorean was a brilliant engineer, responsible for the Pontiac GTO muscle car, the Pontiac Firebird, Pontiac Grand Prix, who dreamed of something even greater.  Unfortunately, after he created the badass DeLorean DMC-12 (made of stainless steel!) he ran into some drug smuggling problems and the whole company went down with him. Regardless, he got off on his charges, as all cool engineers do, but by then no one was interested in the car anymore …




yep, this one is solid gold!


… but today we have Steven Wynn serving as president of the DeLorean Motor Car Company, and he has big plans to bring back the defunct vehicle from the dead.  Look for it in 2013!  I’d buy one.



Rudi Gernreich

This seemed like a fitting extension of yesterday’s celebration of Op Art king Victor Vasarely.  While he was the ruler of the canvas, Rudi Gernreich was the total look, super mod fashion god!  Just amazing.  Why don’t things look this good today?!








Victor Vasarely

“My art transposes nature thus one more time, this moment right now, the one of physics that renders the world physically comprehensible.” 

                                                                          —VICTOR VASARELY (1906-1997)