World History a la the WABAC Machine


The WABAC Machine (pronounced, and often synonymous with, Way-back) refers to a super cool time machine invented by a genius bow-tie wearing dog, Mr. Peabody, as a birthday present for his pet boy, Sherman.  The machine’s amazing powers allowed the dynamic duo to go on endless semi-educational adventures through time during a segment called Peabody’s Improbable History on the original Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.

On each one, Peabody’s “WABAC Machine” would transport Mr. Peabody and Sherman to a special date in history in order to educate Sherman, and the two would usually play a fabulously instrumental role in making events come out “right”, i.e., the way they’re depicted in history books. And luckily, upon arrival at any place on the globe, Peabody’s technological genius was able to tune in on any language and convert it to English!  The 91 four-and-a-half-minute episodes always ended with a perfectly atrocious pun, and the two characters returning to their way hip mid-century apartment to hang another trophy picture on their wall of memories. .



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