It’s THOR, the Rock Warrior!


Jon Mikl Thor is a bodybuilding champion, actor, songwriter, screenwriter, historian, vocalist and musician.  Yep, he can do it all.  I mean, just look at him in this picture.  He just screams Superman/Hollywood/Brainiac/Rock god, doesn’t he?!


Thor the bodybuilder was the first Canadian to win both the Mr. Canada and Mr. USA titles.   Thor “the Legendary Rock Warrior,” was the front man for heavy metal band Thor; on stage he would wow the crowd with his musical stylings and all sorts of strength feats, props, costumes and showmanship such as bending solid steel bars in his teeth and having solid concrete blocks smashed off his chest with a sledgehammer.  While, at the same time, Thor the thespian starred in “films” like RecruitsZombie Nightmare, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare.


Just kind of leaves you speechless, doesn’t it?!



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