Weng Weng


I’m back after an invigoratingly lazy vacation.  I figure what better way to kick-start a return to reality than a bit of ass-kicking a la Weng Weng.

Ernesto de la Cruz (September 7, 1957 — August 29, 1992), better known as Weng Weng, was a Filipino actor and martial artist. At 2 feet, 9 inches tall, he is listed in the Guinness World Records as the shortest adult actor in a leading role.  Despite his small size, he was a pretty huge hit in the Phillipines.

After playing cameo roles in a string of low budget sci-fi and martial arts movies, Weng Weng came into his own in the 80s.   Inspired by the success of Weng Weng’s big-budget film debut, “Da Best In Da West,” Peter and Cora Caballes produced “For Y’ur Height Only” in 1981 starring Weng Weng in his first and most famous lead role as a secret service agent code named Agent 00. The film was a major hit, and the littlest action star was a major film icon!

He filmed six more action movies during the decade, was invited by then First Lady, Imelda Marcos to the Malacañang Palace in honor for his contributions to Philippine cinema, and he was even named an honorary Philippine Secret Agent and was presented a custom-made .25 caliber pistol by then Vice Chief of Staff General Fidel Ramos!

By the late 1980s, film and television roles had dried up, and according to some sources Weng Weng had begun drinking heavily. Weng Weng died in Pasay City, Philippines in 1992 of a heart attack, at age 34, but his star continues to shine today!



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