Plop! Magazine



Plop!, “The New Magazine of Weird Humor!”, was a comic book published by DC Comics in the mid 1970s. There were 24 issues in all and the series ran from Sept./Oct. 1973 to Nov./Dec. 1976.


Each issue was hosted by three ghoulish characters – Cain, Abel, and Eve – who would try to outgross each other with a story.  To wet your appetite for the foul …


… here is the tale about a gourmet diner whose love for frog legs leads to a predictable amphibian revenge – he is left without his own legs, doomed to navigate the world on a trolley.

Plop! employed a number of the great minds of MAD magazine fame – Basil Wolverton and Wallace Wood provided distinctive some amazingly twisted covers for the first 19 issues, while Sergio Aragones and Dave Manak drew many of the more cartoonish tales and most of the surrounding banter between the three hosts.



Pretty amazingly excellent.  If only more of these sorts of comics were still around I think kids might read more!



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