Taste for the Masses: Prisunic

Before CB2 and Ikea, Habitat UK and Muji there was Prisunic.

Launched during the spring of 1968, in the midst of nation-wide strikes and general revolution, Prisunic’s mail order catalogue was an image of France’s future.  It was young, modern, consumer-oriented, and way stylish.

All of those valuable traits were crafted for the company through some pretty savvy hiring.  Prisunic’s creative talents included the likes of Marc Held, Gae Aulenti, Terence Conran, Marc Vaidis, Danielle Quarante, Jean-Pierre Garrault.  Good taste came from the top down, and spread throughout France like wildfire thanks to their genius company catalogue and mail order system.   And to top it all off, the furniture lines were presented alongside numbered and signed lithographies by Alechinski and Pierre Messagier.  You could literally buy an entire badass environment from Prisunic, for a reasonable price, art included!

Prisunic was the embodiment of the total look.  The company took everything into consideration – from the products to the catalogue, the graphic design to the packaging, the branding, advertisement and marketing – in order to present itself as the future of all things stylish and cool.  And it was.

At a time when a storefront costs upwards of $20,000 a month in parts of NYC, and people across the country are looking for inexpensive good-looking solutions to everyday problems, it seems like the perfect time for someone to reinvent the Prosunic ideal …


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