Ronald Vaughan

Ronald Vaughan is a dreamer.  He is a musician and screenwriter with a unique vision that he is utterly committed to, whether it works or not.

Vaughan is a shameless self-promoter.  If you give him a minute, you are sure to hear about his self-recorded album under the stage name Isadore Ivy, or his idea for the ultimate movie, Poot-a-Rama – a 3D movie about about a flying Doberman-man called Captain Pooty co-starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

He came to L.A. in 1974 after seeing an article on Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco, and he has been a good friend of the Mayor of the Sunset Strip ever since.  For the past forty odd years, Vaughan has done this and that in the City of Angeles – from writing rock reviews for Rock City News and running a little radio show called Captain Chaos, to pitching his CD and movie ideas to anyone that will listen.  But through it all, Vaughan has managed to maintain his innocence and a really positive outlook on life, despite rejection and being stabbed by an insane homeless person in 2009.

Copies of both the CD and his DVD “Ronald Vaughan Live At Mondo Video A Go Go, Halloween 2007″ can be purchased directly from Ronald for $25 each + $5 postage. Check out his Myspace page at or email Ron at  Go give him some love, he deserves it!


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