Would-be stars go to Hollywood with dreams of being discovered.  They spend their golden years hanging out on the Sunset Strip hoping to be seen in the scene … and then they get older, and slowly but surely the dream dies.  Angelyne wasn’t so patient …

Angelyne was the first LA “celebrity” famous for doing nothing.  Before Paris and Kim made sex tapes and starred on their own reality TV shoes for no apparent reason, Angelyne was the queen bee of useless/talentless fame.  Her strategy for getting noticed – buying billboards to promote her “talents!”

Oh, and the Barbie bink Corvette with the vanity plates didn’t hurt either (which she still drive, in an updated model of course!).

Like me, you may be asking yourself what Angelyne’s goal was with all of this shameless self promotion.  And to be honest, there doesn’t really seem to be one.  She knows she is essentially talentless, and that is the basis for her celebrity (which seems to be enough).  She had a few random TV appearances, and ran for the 2003 California recall election, finishing 28th in a field of 135 candidates. Her slogan during the campaign was “We’ve had Gray, we’ve had Brown, now it’s time for some blond and pink.” She was also a candidate for Hollywood city council in 2002 if it were to secede from Los Angeles.

Time has taken her toll on Angelyne, but she is still around doing what she does best.  Keep an eye out for her next time you are in la la land!
And so begins SuperRadNow’s week of Hollywood’s lesser-known legends … stay tuned!



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