Paul Williams Still Alive

Paul Williams seemed to be just about everywhere in the 70s.  Seriously, his resume is insane (just check out his Wikipedia page).  To briefly summarize I will name just a few of his more major accomplishments … He sang with Kermit and the Muppets, he wrote countless pop hits for the likes of Three Dog Night, the Carpenters, David Bowie, and Barbara Streisand, and he also had a few hits of his own including We’ve Only Just Begun, and Waking Up Alone.  Williams wrote the theme song for “The Love Boat,” acted in The Loved OneBattle for the Planet of the Apes, and Phantom of the Paradise, and made a guest appearance (at least once) on just about every 70s TV show you can think of.  And in every appearance, the 5’2″ dynamo sported his trademark Jan Brady do with a pair of aviators and a too-tight suit.

But then, he just sort of disappeared; though, I guess since his presence was so ubiquitous, it would be more appropriate to say that Williams went under the radar.  Either way, if you didn’t look you couldn’t find him.  But one day a filmmaker named Stephen Kessler, who loved Paul Williams as a boy, rediscovered his fallen, forgotten idol on YouTube and decided to make a movie about him.  Paul Williams Still Alive is a pretty perfect documentary – it’s beyond interesting but it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and tells a truly incredible story about life after superstardom.  Go see it!


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