Sausagegate 2007

Meet the Klement’s racing sausages of Brewers Stadium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  #1 is the Bratwurst, #2 the Polish Sausage, #3 is the Italian Sausage, #4 is the Hot Dog, and #5 is of course the Chorizo as you might have guessed from that stylin’ sombrero.  During the seventh inning at Brewers Stadium, the Klement’s sausages race in their gigantic foam costumes from the dug out and sprint around the warning track to first base.  It is ridiculous.

But during Sausagegate 2007, Randall Simon of the Pittsburg Pirates took the competition a bit too far.  As Italian and Polish ran past his team’s dugout, he hit Italian in the head, knocking her down, and Polish tripped over her.  There was chaos on the track and in the field, which ultimately led to an arrest and three-game suspension for Simon.  The horror.

Simon did make an official, public apology to Mandy Block, a.k.a Italian Sausage.  She only asked that the offending bat be autographed and given to her, and the player obliged.

But that wasn’t enough for Curaçao, Simon’s home island.  The Curaçao Tourism Board offered her a complimentary trip to clear the reputation of the Caribbean island once and for all.

Thankfully, Sausagegate was settled peacefully, and everyone involved has been able to move on.


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