David Bowie and the 1980 Floor Show

Yes, I know I write about Bowie quite often, but he is just too cool.  Today’s post is only more evidence of his uniquely charming styles and sounds.  But I will put a moratorium on the Bowie love for a bit after this, I promise!

In October 1973, David Bowie filmed the 1980 Floor Show, a televised stage revue shot in London’s Marquee Club.  The performance was put on to promote the just-released Pin Ups for NBC’s The Midnight Special.  Bowie was in the midst of a transition at the time, from Ziggy Stardust to his Young Americans period, and the 1980 Floor Show is glam rock as avant-garde theater.


The performance is a mix of Bowie’s past and future—Mick Ronson’s still there, while the back-up singers are the Astronettes; he wears a succession of utterly outrageous outfits, with a suit mixed in here and there!  1:05 is a real kicker in the next performance …

And the grand finale – Bowie in ostrich plumes and Marianne Faithfull wearing a backless nun’s habit, singing “I Got You Babe.”  Oh yeah.

All-in-all, it’s a pretty mind-blowing event, don’t you think?!


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