Space Program: Mars in NYC

Last night, Tom Sachs and his team of 13 astro-artists went to Mars and back, all within the comfort of the Park Avenue Armory for Space Program: Mars.  The space crew built every bit of the experience from scratch – from the shuttle down to the red space rocks on the floor of the “alien planet” – in Sach’s signature Bricolage style.  The result is nothing short of mind-blowing!

Sachs even collaborated with Nike to create a NIKECraft line that is worn by all of the space crew, and is available for purchase at the Armory.  “The five-piece collection, which will be available at the Park Avenue Armory, includes the Mars Yard Shoe, a sneaker with a vintage-style orange and tan upper and futuristic space-style soles; a lightweight Marsfly jacket; the Chester Trench, with an olive green front and a silver lining featuring the periodic table of elements; the Airbag, a duffel bag featuring a paracord that can double as a tourniquet; and a lightweight tote. Sachs and Nike used innovative materials such as automotive airbags and boat sails to make the items, giving many a double functionality, like zipper pulls that serve as storage containers.”

Lucky for all of us, last night’s opening wasn’t the only mission the team will be making.  The show will be open until June 17th, and Sachs and his space mission team will man the installation, regularly demonstrating the myriad procedures, rituals, and tasks of their mission, including “lift-off,” with real-time demonstrations playing out various narratives from take-off to landing, including planetary excursions, their first walk on the surface of Mars, collecting scientific samples, and photographing the surrounding landscape.  I’d say this one is a must for anyone who happens to be anywhere near NYC in the next month!  For more info check out the Armory website.


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