Interiors Magazine Covers

Ray Johnson, 1947

Ray Johnson, 1947

Andy Warhol, 1951

Aldo Giurgola, 1953

Bruno Munari, 1954

Andy Warhol, 1954

Alvin Lustig, 1946

Aldo Giurgola, 1955

George Giusti, 1952

Aldo Giurgola, 1954

George Tscherny, 1951


2 thoughts on “Interiors Magazine Covers

  1. Hi. I just came across this site through a Google search. Is there an online database of all Interiors covers? In particular, I am interested in a 1950 version with Hans Wegner’s Round Chair on the cover. Also, is the current Interiors magazine related at all to this one or completely separate? Thanks, Carl

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