Character Bento

Dear Mom,

First of all, thanks for being so good to me.  But, I do have one complaint, I don’t think you loved me nearly as much as Japanese mothers love their kids.  I mean, you sent me to school with my lunch in a paper bag with ziplocked, plain old boring sandwiches when I could have been eating far more exciting Bento character lunches (or Kyaraben for those in the know!).  Sure, you treated me to yummy snack sized Twix bars and Ho Hos, while the other kids had fruit bars and vegetables, but where were my Bento?!


Your Daughter Mara

Um … Bento character boxes are the bees knees.  If you are feeling at all inspired, check out Anna the Red’s site for other great ideas, or Lunchbox Awesome, a blog curated by a mom who loved her child enough to create a different Bento for him everyday (ahem, ahem)!


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