Allegro Non Troppo

In 1976 Bruno Bozzetto created his animated feature-length masterpiece, Allegro Non Troppo.  The film is a parody of Disney’s Fantasia; in Allegro Non Troppo, life does not begin with Micky and magic, but Coke and science (and Ravel’s “Bolero”)!

Running with that Fantasia-esque theme, the film pairs animation to classical scores – Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun accompanies the story of an aging satyr chasing much younger nymphs, Dvorak’s Slavonic Dance #7 is the score to a brief humourous parable on conformity, Sibelius’s Valse Triste adds emotion to the heartbreaking story of a slum cat – the list goes on, with one story more beautiful than the last.

There are some live action segments here as well, just as in Disney. Where the former presents the striking Leopold Stokowski and the symphony, Bozetto gives us a parody. His conductor (played by Nestor Garay) has an orchestra of aging women, all at least 65 dressed in an odd assortment of costumes. They are locked away before the performance, fed slop midway through the show and escape later. There is also the animator (played by Maurizio Nichetti, a screenwriter in Bozetto’s stable) who draws the images seen in the film, the Cleaning Girl (Marialuisa Giovanni), and the Presenter (Maurizio Micheli).

If you like animation, or music, or good movies, Allegro Non Troppo is a must!


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