Fantastic Planet

René Laloux‘s entirely bonkers 1973 animated feature Fantastic Planet (La Planète sauvage) is a must see.  It features the bizarre inventions of French artist and writer Roland Topor in a truly spectacular, and wholly unique sci-fi masterpiece.

Like a Hanna-Barbera cartoon from Hell, this animated wonder is an ever-expanding nightmare in motion. It begins with a crudely drawn woman running across an alien landscape with her baby in her arms, and then some giant blue hands drop from the space above the frame to toy with and eventually destroy her, so she’s kinda bummed. The hands belong to Draags, enormous cerulean beings that like to keep humans — or Oms — as pets. We follow that Om baby as it grows into a man named Terr and leads a revolution for mutual civility between Draags and Oms, a revolution that is oddly unimpeded by the scores of unspeakably demented carniverous beasts that roam the land feasting on the flesh of the innocent.

Just in time for the weekend!


One thought on “Fantastic Planet

  1. Love this film! I grew up wondering if a commercial I had seen on TV as a very young boy about giant blue “people” was just my imagination–years later, I saw the film on USA’s Night Flight! Since then, I’ve purchased the DVD and never get tired of watching it. 🙂

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