The Posters of the 1972 Olympics

The 1972 Summer Olympics were the second Summer Olympics to be held in Germany, after the 1936 Games in Berlin, which had taken place under the Nazi regime. Mindful of the connection, the West German Government were anxious to take the opportunity of the Munich Olympics to present a new, democratic and optimistic Germany to the world, as shown by the Games’ official motto, “the Happy Games.” The emblem of the Games was a blue solar logo (the “Bright Sun”). The Olympic mascot, the dachshund “Waldi”, was the first officially named Olympic mascot.


That “democratic and optimistic” look also translated to the creation of some seriously beautiful posters for the games.  Just look …

Josef Albers

Pierre Soulages

Victor Vasarely

Horst Antes

Eduardo Chillida

Allen Jones

Max Bill

Tom Wesselmann

Peter Phillips

Unfortunately, these games are primarily remembered as the Olympics of the tragic Munich Massacre—the murder of 11 Israeli athletes by members of the Palestinian terrorist group, Black September. So much for the “Happy Games.”


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