Smarten Up: a Learning Company

I’m sure you don’t know this about me, but I am an educator.  I have worked in the classroom and one-on-one with students of all ages and abilities for the last five years.  I am sharing this random bit of information because I have recently launched a learning company with a colleague, and I am eager to spread the word to everyone and anyone that might be interested.

It is called Smarten Up.  Simple enough, right?!  Our goal is to provide each student with a unique learning experience.  To do this we build games, create visuals, and brainstorm activities that are catered to each child’s interest in order to essentially trick kids into becoming more smart.  But, because we believe that intelligence is so much more than getting good grades, at Smarten Up we also offer what we call “Fun” – one-on-one learning experiences that offer children the opportunity to explore their interests and passions with trained professionals.  Whether a kid wants to become the next Martin Scorsese, Tony Hawk, or Coco Chanel, we will find him or her the perfect teacher to inspire creativity, passion, and determination.


Please spread the word …  It’s a good thing to Smarten Up!


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