Raymond Loewy is the Man

So this started off as a post on how unbelievably rad the Avanti is (I saw one yesterday in a parking lot and was floored!), but Raymond Loewy, the car’s designer, shaped so many absolutely incredible vehicles, objects, and logos that I feel it is only fitting to put his talents on display.  In the heyday of his firm, Raymond Loewy Associates, the company was working on products, brand identities, transportation, and other fields. His graphic design has become familiar in the logos for Shell, US Postal Service, International Harvester, the packaging for Lucky Strike cigarettes, and others. Designs were made for the interior of the Concorde supersonic passenger aircraft as well as Air Force One. His offices even designed cars for Studebaker and locomotives for Pennsylvania Rail Road. Suffice it to say that the list of high profile contracts with Raymond Loewy Associates is impressive.  He literally shaped the face of our world.

The Avanti

T-1 Locomotive for the Pennsylvania Railroad Company

The original Fanta bottle

Coca Cola dispenser

Pencil sharpener - 1934

1955 Frigidaire

1953 Studebaker

Logos over the years

Air Force One

Sunbeam toaster

Le Creuset

1959 Dorsett

DF 2000 Modern Furniture

Rosenthal china



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