Trilogy of Terror!

Trilogy of Terror was a 1975 made for TV that followed three different stories, all written by Richard Matheson.   Each story stars Karen Black, playing the role of 4 different characters – what range, right?!

In the first film, “Julie”, Chad (Robert Burton) suddenly becomes obsessed with his college English professor, and he creepily watches her in her bedroom from the window outside.  He tries to ask her out and she shoots him down, telling him that he’d probably be happier with one of the co-eds on campus, and that it would be against university policy for a teacher to date a student.  After some persistence, Chad and Julie go on a date and Chad drugs her, rendering her unconscious so that he can take some racy photos of her – which he can in turn blackmail her with.  After an undetermined amount of blackmailing, the professor turns on Chad, informing him that she actually had him under her spell, and that she’s had several young college students that she’s seduced.  She turns the tables on him, and the hunter now becomes the prey!

The second film, “Millicent and Therese,” tells the tale of two sisters who are polar opposites.  Millicent is the brunette, studious, responsible one, while Therese is blonde, outgoing and apparently EVIL – or at least that’s what Millicent believes.  Therese is involved in the occult – voodoo, black magic, satanism, microwave ovens, etc. and Millicent believes that she must be stopped.  So she steps up to give Therese a taste of her own medicine … by crafting a voodoo doll of Therese!


The final, and arguably best film of the trilogy is “Amelia.”  The young, innocent subject of the movie buys a thoughtful birthday gift for her boyfriend – a tribal warrior doll.  He comes with a single instruction, don’t let the chain around his waist fall or else he will come to life. Can you guess what happens next?


Just in time for some weekend horror!


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