Sassy Magazine and its Modern Reincarnation: Rookie

In the ’80s and early ’90s, teen magazine readers could be grouped into two categories. The Seventeen reader with New Kids on the Block playing in her Walkman, her prom dress picked in September, who was more than happy to conform to any and all standards of pop culture.  Then, there were the Sassy girls. 

Sassy was the antithesis of the homecoming queen, please-your-boyfriend culture. It published articles about suicide and STDs while Seventeenwas still teaching girls how to get a boy to notice you. Although Sassy folded in 1994, its readers remember it well, and its influence is still felt in culture today …

… on that note, Tavi Gevinson, has created Rookie, a sort of digital Sassy of today.  Promising honest, funny, and insightful takes on teen life, Rookie centers around a monthly theme with updates three times a day on a typical teen’s schedule: after school, dinnertime, and before bed. Pretty excellent if you ask me!


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