Founded in 1951, Colorforms is one of the oldest and most familiar brands in the toy industry (and one of the first to advertise on TV). It was the first plastic-based creative toy, and remains one of the most imaginative to date.

The original Colorforms were created by Harry and Pat Kislevitz in their New York City apartment. Boxed sets began appearing in the 1950s and featured basic geometric shapes and bright primary colors thus creating a modernist toy for kids in many ways. The company’s slogan – “It’s More Fun To Play The Colorforms Way!”

What makes the Colorforms sets unique is their signature plastic ‘Stick-Ons™’that can be placed and repositioned on top of graphic backgrounds to create endless scenes at a child’s whim.  The result is a toy that can be used by children of all ages and all abilities; a tool to easily create a masterpiece with ready-made colorful shapes (and an excellent tool for learning about colors and geometry as well!)

And if you are into a bit more variation, something beyond basic shapes, check out these rad Colorform offerings!


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