Kiosk: The Coolest Store You’ve Probably Never Been To

Kiosk is an utterly unassuming shop tucked away on the second floor of a building right in the middle of soho.  Perhaps you’ve seen its neon lights glowing from the sidewalk and wondered, like i did for so long, what in the world is up there? Well, here is your answer … total unique coolness.

The store provides its owners, alisa grifo and her husband marco ter har romeny, the perfect excuse to travel around the world.  They search out the coolest local goods, and then bring them back to new york where they write up detailed witty commentary about each one — describing where it came from, what it is about, and some pithy insights into its use or not.   The charm is not just in the how the things reflect the place where they came from, but also how kiosk stamps its personality on these favorites.  For the Finnish children’s book “Who Will Comfort Toffle?”  part of the description reads, “Tove Jansson’s Moomin characters are popular all over the world but still have not made much headway in the United States. We have the most beautiful edition we could find. Great as a gift for people who are on the verge of divorce.”

From Swedish brass paperclips to to Portuguese donkey playing cards, with about a million random things in between, there is something here to pique anyone’s interest! This is a great place to buy gifts as well as to buy really cool, useful household objects.  And while the shop is lovely, for those who aren’t in NYC, their online shop is also pretty rad!


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