Toys to Toy with your Mind

"LSD: A Pschadelic Happening Construction Kit" - can you imagine?!

Just one of the creations you imagine with your LSD building kit! Don't you think it's just a bit reminiscent of the Eames House of Cards?!

"The Hesitant Car" - That is seriously the name of this toy

Building blocks by Bruno Taut - "Dandanah. The Fairy Place"

"Those Blocks: A Mental Puzzle"

Apparently these blocks will create such an obsessive need to find a solution that their owner would be determined enough to pay for a solution. Seems a but presumptuous, don't you think?!

"Naef Versi" - A cube, two geometrical patterns, six sides, endless possibilities.

Mattel "Brain Drain Puzzle" from 1969 - "Bend! Twist! Turn on Your Mind!"


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