Village of the Giants: Coming of Age in L.A. in the Swinging 60s

It doesn’t get much more goofy than Village of the Giants, but I am always a fan of campy teen movies from any decade. In 1965 Los Angeles the Whisky-a-Go-Go was the place to be, George Barris cars were the height of cool, and every teenager lived for pop hits and their accompanying dance moves (all of which were choreographed in this movie by Toni Basil).  Village of the Giants puts all of these cultural phenomena on full display, with a supporting plot very loosely based on H.G. Wells‘ novel, The Food of the Gods.

The story goes, a young kid named Genius (Ron Howard) accidentally invents a substance that causes all animal life to grow to giant size. His business-minded sister Nancy and her boyfriend Mike see the money-making potential in the substance, romantically dubbed “the goo,” and plan to sell it in order to help solve what else but world hunger!

But when a greedy crew of delinquents decide to steal the goo in order to take over the city, and subordinate the evil rule-making adults, is up to Genius and Mike to save Los Angeles.  They either have to come up with more goo so that Mike and his friends can grow and take on the evil giant teenage gang in a fair fight, or find an antidote to shrink the delinquents back down to size.  How will this story end?!


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