Wynwood Walls: Because Street Art is Good

There is graffiti, and then there is street art. While the line between the two is sometimes drawn thin, the Wynwood Walls arguably define the latter end of the spectrum.  Thanks to Jeffrey Deitch and his Deitch Projects, and Goldman Sachs, the walls of the warehouses in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District are covered with murals by the best of the best.  From Barry McGee and Kenny Scharf, to Os Gemeos and Shepard Fairey, these are some good looking walls …

Nunca, Ryan McGinness, Stelios Faitakis

Space Invader, Futura


Clare Rojas

Ron English

Shepard Fairey

Os Gemeos

Kenny Scharf

Barry McGee

El Mac, Retna


One thought on “Wynwood Walls: Because Street Art is Good

  1. Very cool. There are a lot of walls in Brooklyn that could use some painting. I wish these artists would come to my block. I like the Clare Rojas painting and the photograph is pretty cool too with the person in the Suisse jacket.

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