Kiss Meets the Phantom in the Park

Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park (also known as Kiss in the Attack of the Phantoms) is a perfectly horrible TV movie starring none other than super rock band KISS.  The special aired on NBC in 1978 to semi-rave reviews, though not because of the amazingness of anyones performance; rather, the made-for-TV movie featured such terrible acting, and such horrible writing that it became an underground cult hit, revered by thousands and detested by just as many (not to mention the members of the band themselves who banned the movie’s mention in their presence!).

In Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, the band must use their superpowers to battle an evil inventor (Abner Devereaux, played by Anthony Zerbe) who likes to change humans into zombie cyborgs.  The battle places a local California amusement park in danger, and it’s up to KISS to save the park and its inhabitants.  What good guys!



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