I am a total wuss; I jump in the dumbest of scary movies, and I will fall for even the most obvious of tricks.  That is why I am the just about the worst person in the world to walk through a haunted house with!  I will scream in your ear, grab onto your arm, jump and knock into you, and whine the whole time in fear.  But that’s the fun of it all, isn’t it?!

Here are 3 of the best haunted houses to go visit this Halloween season …

Nightmare: Fairytales is perfectly horrifying because it takes the the stories that we all know and love, and turns them into an utterly gruesome and horrific nightmare-worthy haunted house experience. Over the centuries many of these fables have evolved into sanitized entertainment for children, but this attraction aims to bring the tales back to their racy and violent roots; to their origins as stories that were created to keep children from misbehaving.  This NYC haunted house, is sure to make you think differently about all of your favorite fairy tales, and then some …



Netherworld in Atlanta, GA consists of two haunted attractions.  The first is Nightmares, which will take you on a tour that brings you face-to-face with all of your worst fears – creepy clowns, spiders, snakes, and just about any other phobia imaginable.  After that follows Raw Meat, a tour through the underbelly of a city where hidden urban terrors reside.

The Bates Motel in Gradyville, PA aims to scare your pants off, and they do a pretty great job!  First you get to ride on a Haunted Hayride complete with an insane asylum of tortured souls, a creepy cave, and demonic church.  Then you can walk through the haunted Bates Motel, and the outdoor cornfield maze!  Terrifying.

For more great suggestions, check out Hauntworld, a site that is sure to be your guide to terror this Halloween season!



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