Coming of Age During an 80s Apocalypse!

Night of the Comet was certainly never heralded as a cinematic masterpiece because it isn’t; but it is a damn fine low-budget, 80s teen zombie flick.  It’s 1984 and a giant comet that was initially perceived as harmless has actually wiped out all of humankind, except blond cheerleader Kelli and her older, headstrong sister Regina (Stewart).  How they survived isn’t quite clear (who cares really?!), but it seems as if they are all alone in L.A. until Regina runs into an angry zombie with murder on his mind.

Eventually the sisters make their way to a local radio station, where they confront Hector (Robert Beltran), a truck driver who’s also running from the fiends. Together they decide to look for others. Unfortunately, there are more than monsters posing a potential threat. A group of scientists is seeking human subjects for evil experiments, and Regina, Sam, and Hector will make terrific blood banks. Seems that after this Night of the Comet, no one is safe—not even the ones who managed to survive …


If you go into this one with high expectations you will most likely be disappointed; if, on the other hand, you watch Night of the Comet expecting a perfectly horrible 80s, teenage Californian zombie flick, I think you just might fall in love with a new favorite terrible movie !








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