Diabolik is one of the coolest superheroes ever because he is the classic anti-hero, with great style and even greater eyebrows.

Diabolik is a ruthless Italian master thief, but of the Robin Hood sort – he steals big, but only from criminals (or mostly I should say).  One would think that ripping off all of the bad guys in town would bring some pretty heavy heat on Diabolik; I mean how does one escape the fury of an entire community of evil genius?  With the help of an ever-chanigng idtentity of course!  Diabolik is also a scientific mastermind with a broad knowledge of chemistry, computers, mechanics, and mask creation – he has an seemingly infinite set of the most lifelike disguises which he uses to fool his opponents, assuming a random identity at will.

Diabolik was raised as an orphan on a secret island hideout of a criminal combine.  It was there that he developed his thieving skills by learning from his neighbors who were all true masters of the trade.  However, when the secret island and its inhabitants had nothing more to offer, Diabolik turned on his “family,” and killed the head of the combine.  He is not one for guns, choosing instead to attack with either his daggers, which he throws with uncanny ability, or a small dart gun with knockout darts. He works solo until issue #3 when he meets Eva Kant, his “moll,” who gains an increasing role as both his partner and lover.

The comic was created in 1962 by sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani.  Since then Diabolik has lived on as a comic book, published in both Italian and English, but it has also inspired an amazing film, Danger: Diabolik (1968), inspired a cartoon and a video game, and provided the perfect plot for the Beastie Boys’ video “Body Movin’.”


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