Martí Guixé and Endless Possibility

Martí Guixé is a Spanish-born designer (who now lives between Barcelona and Berlin). His creations aren’t so much about what he wants you to see, but more about what the owner/creator wants to make for themselves – a toy with seeds for eyes that you can keep and cherish, or plant to create life; a blank clock that allows you to keep time however you want; tape that allows you to create a road across any terrain, or a picture frame around any masterpiece. Guixé used a similar theory in the creation of his coloring books below…

Blank Book is an empty book that offers unlimited scope for the imagination: it’s not a “book-to-be-read”, but a “book-to-be-created”.

Whereas they were once taboo, now tattoos are just about everywhere – from the arms of the toughest guys, to the ankles of the daintiest girls – every hipster/jock/bad boy/intellectual seems to have one.  But if you aren’t ready to commit to the real thing, or your parents won’t let you, you can fantasize about the ink you might one day get with the Tattoo Book.  Use shapes and colours to create your own personal paper body you and you can have another blank one anytime you wish!

No matter if you love traditional or exotic cuisine, cheap fast food or the most carefully prepared 10-course meal, Food Book is a banquet on paper with your all your favorite dishes.  And paper provides just the right way to improvise a meal without the risk of offending taste!


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