Moebius Monster Scenes

With Halloween around the corner (according to all of the costumes shop popping up around the city), it’s time for a bit of gruesomeness.  Not the contemporary variety that you see in Saw, or PlayStation games like Manhunt or Thrill Kill, I’m talking about good old-fashion creepiness, the vintage sort.

Moebius, the model experts, have re-released their Monster Scenes line in cooperation with Dencomm.  First released in 1971, the Monster Scenes provided kids with a plastic “Victim”—a nubile young beauty in torn halter top and cut-offs —to presumably be tortured or experimented upon in a snap-together torture chamber, handsomely decked out with immortal horror trappings like Edgar Allan Poe’s Pendulum, The Hanging Cage (replete with brazier of red hot coals and pokers), and the subtly-titled Pain Parlor playset. Presiding over this deviltry were the loathsome Dr. Deadly and the scantily-clad Vampirella.

The Monster Scenes’ wholesome tagline: “Rated X- For Excitement!” Needless to say, the models drew heavy protests from feminist and parents’ groups, and were exorcised from hobby store shelves forever after, making them a highly coveted item until their most recent re-release!  Get yours today and add a bit of all-together inappropriate vintage gore to your Halloween.


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