Geodesic Domes are Rad

Geodesic domes are rad.  They are easy to build – fast and cheap – and they are strong! Their creator was one of the coolest guys of his day, Buckminster Fuller or “Bucky” as he is lovingly known.  He quieted critics of his ingenious structure by erecting enormous geodesic domes all over the world in no time at all –sometimes in mere hours instead of months or years.  Serving atop mountains, sheltering Arctic radar installations, and even covering the South Pole, they have proved to be the strongest structures ever devised. Indeed, they have survived earthquakes and hurricanes around the world, which is more than can be said for a whole lot of other structures.  The geodesic dome is the perfect demonstrations of the idea of more-with-less, or “ephemeralization,” as Bucky liked to say, plus, they look really, really cool!

Click the link if you want to try to build you own mini geodesic dome … who knows, it might just lead to something great!


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