Pimp my Product

For years, every conceivable item from snack cakes and veggies to tires and electricity has been hocked by an animated critter: be it human, human-like, or animal. Ever since the early days of eye-popping packaging and, eventually, TV commercials, the animated mascot has been a mainstay of the advertising industry. They are cute, they have funny names, and they are far more endearing than any product name could ever hope to be.

-Hostess’ Captain Cupcake, Twinkie the Kid, Chauncey, and Fruit Pie the Magician


-The Great Root Bear from A&W

-Count Chocula

-The Michelin Man

Kool Aid Man, “Oh Yeah!”

Frito Bandito

Mr. Horsepower of Thrush Mufflers

Smokey the Bear

Franken Berry

Mr. Bubble

Reddy Kilowatt from GE

-Punchy from Hawaiin Punch

-Mr. Peanut

-The Green Giant

-Mr. Owl from Tootsie Roll


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