Space Oddity for Kids

If you aren’t familiar with David Bowie’s album, Ziggy Stardust, you should be.  And if you do know it, it is pretty obvious that the song Space Oddity isn’t necessarily the most uplifting of tunes.  Amazingly beautiful yes, but cheery and perky it most certainly is not. That is why it is so interesting that artist Andrew Kolb has decided to turn the classic sci-fi song into a children’s book.

In less than 40 pages, the kids’ book recounts the story of astronaut Major Tom, who goes into space and becomes a media hero back on earth. But when Tom ventures out to explore even further, something goes horribly wrong.  This is more the stuff for nightmares, than children’s fancy, but different strokes for different folks, right?!

Click the link to check out the book in its entirety.  Pretty rad. And here is Bowie singing the original …


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