So Odd but So Good!

Because of Hurricane Irene, I was stuck in the house this weekend flipping channels like so many other East Coasters.  But, to my delight, while flipping channels I stumbled upon one of my favorite movies from when I was little, Mom and Dad Save the World (1991).  It is weird as can be, but the costumes are amazing, the story is beyond silly, and it’s got some pretty big names in it – Jon Lovitz, Kathy Ireland, Jeffrey Jones, to name a few.

In a nutshell, Mom and Dad Save the World, starts on planet Spengo, a land of idiots with unusually highly advanced technology.  Unfortunately, a military coup has placed the dumbest of the bunch, Lord Tod, in control of the planet. The dictator has used the industrial base to develop a massive death ray. With the weapon he intends to destroy the Earth, thus establishing Spengo as the greatest planet in the universe. There is just one little snag. While gloating over the soon to be cosmic dust, Lord Tod spots Marge. She is mousy, she is mundane, and she is the most desirable woman he has ever seen, and he simple must have her. As he later tells her, “I’ll have you know, Marge Nelson, it’s not the size of your planet, it’s how you use it!”

If you haven’t seen it, you have nothing to do, and you’re in the mood for something stupid, you won’t be disappointed!


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