When Aliens Attack …




In 1968, the Colorform company made a bold attempt at cracking the action figure market with a set of seven “Outer Space Men.”  Colorful, space-age motifs combined with the tantalizing elements of mythology, science fiction and obscured lines of good vs. evil (who was to say which Alien was the hero and which was the villain?) to make for some pretty rad space action.

And who better to defend us from these attackers from outer space but Major Matt Mason!

Major Matt Mason was an action figure created by Mattel in 1966.  He wore a jet pack, had a space sled, lived in a space station, and moved around the moon in his space crawler.  Matt Mason’s gadgets weren’t imaginary; they were actually based on Nasa prototypes.  He and his friends were the greatest of astronauts, and our first defense against the inevitable alien invasion as the USA went out into the great unknown.


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