Shields and Yarnell

Mimes are creepy, and the mime duo of Shields and Yarnell are no exception.  Their silent comedy act was pretty big in the late 70s; big enough to get them their own CBS television comedy-variety program, The Shields and Yarnell Show.  

Creepy?  I think so.  Worse yet, their specialty was the robot, and they were so proud of their pop-and-lock abilities they called themselves “The Clinkers.”  This married mime couple would pretend to be robots eating breakfast and such.  Why robots would eat breakfast is unclear.  But not as unclear as why CBS aired a show WITH MIMES.  It’s not that the mime nonsense was a small part of a bigger show. No. The show was designed to showcase their incredibly creepy mime work.

Not surprisingly, the show only lasted for one season …


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