The Real Invisible Man: Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin is like the ultimate chameleon.  He is a real life incredible invisible man.  But he doesn’t have any super powers, and he isn’t a photoshop genius, or a master of the touch-up, he is just really good at painting himself into his surroundings (with the help of a few helping hands of course).

Liu works on a single photo for up to 10 hours at a time until he gets it just right.  But it definitely works.  He is often so still and perfectly camouflaged that passers-by don’t even notice him, until he moves of course.  His creations could make for some excellent pranks, but they certainly create some incredible images.

The artist says his work is a protest against the actions of the Chinese government, who shut down his art studio in 2005, and their persecution of other artists around the country. So he has managed to make the rest of the world into his studio…




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