Darda Versus Hot Wheels: You Decide

As an American, I am well versed in the language of Hot Wheels.  As a kid, they gave you the opportunity to own every single car you ever wanted, and be able to fit them in your dresser drawer at the same time.  There were some that changed colors, others that you could customize, and they ran on some pretty rad, loopy tracks.

However, in researching this post I learned something new today.  While we in America played away with our very American Hot Wheels race cars, children all over the rest of the world played with a faster, more European brand of racers known as Darda.  Not only does the Hot Wheels’ European counterpart offer faster cars (capable of speeds up to 30 mph), their tracks are more colorful and arguably versatile as well.

Either way, toy race cars are pretty rad. Artist Chris Burden certainly would agree.  He was so in to them he created his own fleet of cars to drive through a handmade city known as Metropolis II.  The mammoth creation has 1,100 cars traveling on 18 roadways “including one six-laner,” says Burden. “We wanted to expand it and make it truly overwhelming — the noise and level of activity are both mesmerizing and anxiety provoking.”

Inspired but without a set at home to start building with?  Luckily Hot Wheels has tried to solve that problem with some of their online games.  Go ahead and let that inner 8 year old run free!


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