Walls with Appeal

I know wallpaper has a pretty bad rep.  I hear the word and I think of a dowdy house in shades of pastels, or a super trendy wall too many flourishes.  Neither of which are really my style.  But did you ever wonder why wallpaper couldn’t be more like Willy Wonka’s lickable version?  Something a bit more modern, cool, and perhaps even high-tech.  Well, the wallpaper revolution has officially begun!

Paul Smith for Maharam

Karel Martens for Maharam

Clouds Detail

Carnovsky's "La Selva" for Jannelli & Volpi

The total effect of the wallpaper is created by layering images of different colors. However, When viewed through a colored lens or shown under a different shade of light the individual layers can be shown or hidden.



Zane Berzina "Touch Me"

Phosphowall glow-in-the dark wallpaper


Loop Wall Therapy, a paint by number wall covering to especially designed to enhance your mood

5.5 Designers gaming wallpaper is by far the most entertaining one around

5.5 Designers Maze wallpaper

Or you could do like Charlie Kratzer and create your masterpiece with a good ol Sharpie!


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