For Your Inner Nerd: Between the Folds

I know I have done a few posts on origami before, but I am just kind of fascinated by it. What can I say.  It is as ephemeral as art gets – delicate paper, with no more than creases and physics to maintain its shape.  It is one of the most specific of art forms with its inevitable dependence on the laws of science and geometry.  You could argue that the origami medium is math, just as much as it’s paper.

Between the Folds, is an amazing documentary film by Vanessa Gould, about the origami obsessed around the world.  These experts are not your typical artists; they are more like mad scientists “working in the shadows between art and math.”  People like Eric Joisel, a French artist whose tiny elfin sculptures involve thousands of folds – he admits his dedication to the art form makes him “le masochist”.  Or Vincent Floderer, an “avant-garde” origami artist who uses “the crumpling technique;” he sees his form of paper-folding as “abandoning the imposition of order.”

On the other end of the spectrum are origami-ists like Chris Palmer.  He spent a good parts of his life living in a cave in Granada, and his creations are rigorous and complex geometric arrays.  And there is Erik Demain, MIT’s youngest professor ever, who was homeschooled in math, computer science, and origami.

This movie is beyond interesting, and nothing but fun.  So release your inner nerd, and get in the groove of the fold!


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