Ultimate Recyclers

Whether out of boredom, a love of building, a lack of resources, a location near a dump, or a desire to save the Earth, people have been building houses out of junk for quite some time.  What started out as a way to kill time, avoid carting payments, and build a home for cheap has now involved into an entire tree hugging movement known as biotecture.

Beer Can House - Houston, Texas

Beer Can House interior - Houston, Texas

Cano's Castle - Antonia, Colorado

Cano's Castle - Antonia, Colorado

Plastic Bottle House - Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Plastic Bottle House interior

Keycard Hotel - NYC

Earthship Biotecture - Taos, New Mexico

Glass Bottle Temple - Thailand's Sisaket province

Glass Bottle Temple interior

Watts Towers - Los Angeles, California

Watts Towers detail




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