But I Want a Dog!

I think we can all remember what it is like to yearn for your first pet.  A dog, a cat, a bird, perhaps even a fish.  Just something that is alive, cute, and fun to play with.  You dream of the hours of fun you two will have together, you beg for its fuzzy cuteness incessantly, and your parents finally give in.  But many only get as far as the creatures below.  At least the toy companies made an effort to dress up these painfully dull “pets” in “cool” habitats.  Can you imagine trying to show these things off?!

Xtreme Ants

Clone Trooper Ant Farm

Ant Farm Village


Rainbow Ants


They began as brine shrimp but quickly evolved into sea monkeys ...

Sea Monkey Beach


Sea Monkey Magic Castle

Sea Monkey Ocean Zoo

Sea Monkey on Mars

Sea Monkey Hidden Treasures

Carnivorous Creations Dome Garden

The prehistoric pet - Aquasaurs




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