In Honor of the 4th of July I Present America’s Weirdest Eating Contests

This weekend you all have the opportunity to witness the gross display that is the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.  That’s right, on Monday, July 4th at 12 noon, contestants from across the country will arrive in Coney Island, Brooklyn to stuff their faces with as many franks as they can get down in 12 minutes.

But that’s not the only one …

Held on Friday, July 8th at the Irish American Heritage Festival in Chicago, this gross contest pits champion eaters and any takers in a delicious bout of gorging themselves for a slew of prizes.  How much mashed potatoes could you take down in three minutes?

If you happen to be near Pine Island, New York on August 19th, you could try your hand in the raw onion eating competition.  How fast could you take one down?  The record is 75 seconds for an 8 ouncer.

Now here’s a big one – the1st Annual Pierogi Eating Contest .  Ten minutes. Hundreds of pierogi. One Champion.  Enough said.  Be there or be square Saturday, June 9th in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Mmmm … buttery corn.  12 minutes to take down as many ears of sweet corn as you can. I think that’s enough to turn you off of corn forever.  Take your chance in Auburn, Michigan on July 9th.

The fried asparagus eating competition will be held in Stockton, California in April.  The defending champion, Joey Chestnut, ate 9 lbs 5.2 oz of friend asparagus spears in front of a capacity crowd raucously cheering on their homegrown hero last year. The win was the fifth asparagus title for Chestnut in the contest’s six-year history.  Anyone interested in this title better start practicing now.

And then there is this guy …


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