The Hidden Potential of Cardboard

When you think of cardboard, what comes to mind? A box perhaps?  Or maybe one of those Whole Foods to-go containers?  Point being, these are not fun items.  Utilitarian yes, but certainly not terrible interesting or design forward.  Thank goodness there are some great minds out there that are able to think beyond the box (pun intended!).

Durable, strong, striking, and even stylish, corrugated board is far more versatile than given credit for, and it is one of the most upcyclable resources available. Frank Gehry was the first one to do it when he created his cardboard furniture designs in the late 60s and early 70s, but many others have followed in his wake.  Check out these incredible designs, and just think of the possibilities of this material for your next creation!

Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry

Bloxes Modular Building System

flatpak highchair by Belkiz Feedaway

Warren Lieu cat nest

Ewa Bochen cardboard radio

Georgina Pizzabiocche’s Banquito Cartoon stool

GGRP cardboard record case/record player - such a great idea!

Who knew cardboard could be so cool?!



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