Not Yo Mamma’s Jewels

Jewelry.  Girls love it, and guys are wearing more and more of it. Here are some of the most unique/bizarre/lovable pieces I have seen of late.

If you like ABC gum and you’re proud of it, you’ll love the Chewed Gum Necklace by Kiel Mead. The plastic charm resembles a bright pink wad of chewed bubblegum. Part eww, but way amazing!

Braces were and continue to be a tool of torture for most kids.  But the orthodontists that created BRACED-LETS want to convince us to think otherwise.  Colorful, stretchy power chains are accented with real metal brackets and contrasting elastic rubber bands. They even have a special plastic box to hold them in, just like the one thing that was even lamer than permanent metal in your mouth – the post-braces retainer.  These might just be the perfect post-orthodontist visit gift?!

Floating somewhere between elegant silver pendant and oversized dollar symbol lies Christofle’s limited edition Space Invaders bling. The silver “fashion accessory” can be used in a variety of ways, including a straight-up necklace, a handbag decoration or a declaration of your nerdiness.  Christofle, the generally conservative silver company, teamed up with Taito and design house La Tete au Cube to create this spectacular bling.

What girl or woman doesn’t have at least a little bit of a soft spot in her heart for Barbie?! The Barbie Rocks collection, from Beverly Hills jewelers Layna and Alan Friedman, aims to appeal to princesses young and old-er.

For many, the dental retainer is an unhappy reminder of much childhood pain. When handcast in 14k gold however, the shape is immediately transformed into an intricate and intriguing necklace. Makes for a delightfully playful accessory or a much deserved badge of honor.





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